We tell you how to find the perfect Communion Suit for your child

The first communion is a very special moment in the life of your child , and finding the perfect outfit is essential to make that day even more memorable. Among the different options that are presented to you, you can choose to buy a suit online , go to a store or choose a trusted designer.

But before you opt for one or the other option, we advise you to read this article. In it we will provide you with useful advice and we will present you with different options for communion suits to help you make the right choice.

From classic sailor and admiral suits to more modern and personalized options , here you will find everything you need to make your child look spectacular!

Learn about the different styles of communion suits

It is true that boys have always had a more restricted variety when choosing a communion suit than girls. But, lately, the most modern or "street" styles are triumphing among the little ones (apart from the traditional sailor and admiral styles, of course).

Sailor suits are a classic and timeless choice. Characterized by stripes on the neck and sleeves, these suits evoke a feeling of innocence and elegance. They are usually made of light and fresh fabrics, ideal for ceremonies in hot climates.

On the other hand, admiral suits are similar to sailor suits, but with some distinctive details. These suits usually have a longer jacket and a contrasting lapel. They are a more formal and sophisticated option, perfect for traditional and elegant ceremonies.

If you prefer a more contemporary option, street suits are an excellent alternative. These suits resemble men's fashion ensembles and offer a modern and elegant look. You can opt for a matching blazer, shirt and trousers, creating a tailored outfit that reflects your son's unique style.

Consider the option of a tailored suit for a perfect fit

When it comes to communion suits, a proper fit is essential . Tailored suits are a fantastic option to ensure that the suit is perfectly tailored to your child's measurements. When choosing a tailored suit, you will be able to select the fabrics, colors and personalized details, creating a unique and exclusive outfit for that special day.

By working with a bespoke shop or professional tailor, you'll be able to take your child's precise measurements and discuss your preferences for suit fabrics, colors, and trims.

For example, tailored suits can be made from a variety of materials , such as cotton, crepe or linen, each with its own characteristics and qualities.

Tailored suits not only offer a perfect fit, but also give you the opportunity to add custom details such as embroidery, initials or emblems meaningful to your family.

Breakdown of the main pieces of the communion suit

The communion suit is made up of several key pieces that complement each other. Each of these pieces plays an important role in the overall ensemble. Let's see the breakdown of a more current communion suit:

  1. The jacket: This is a key piece in the communion suit. Opt for a quality jacket, preferably made of fabrics such as linen or cotton, which are comfortable and breathable. Choose a color that complements the rest of the outfit, and make sure the jacket has the right fit through the shoulders and sleeves.
  2. The shirt: This is another important element of the suit. Opt for a classic white shirt, which provides a clean and elegant look. Pay attention to details such as the collar and cuffs, and make sure that the shirt is made of a soft and comfortable fabric so that your child feels comfortable during the ceremony.
  3. Pants: Must be clean cut and fit properly. Opt for quality fabrics that allow mobility and comfort for your child. You can choose between long or short pants, depending on your preferences and weather conditions.
  4. Shoes: Shoes are an essential element. Choose classic, comfortable shoes that match the overall style of the suit. Make sure they are the correct size and fit snugly to avoid discomfort throughout the day.

Pieces that complement your child's look.

In addition to these main pieces, there are other elements that complete the communion suit. Let's see what they are:

  1. A tie or bow tie: One of these two options will add an elegant and sophisticated touch to the outfit. Opt for colors or patterns that complement the details of the suit. Remember to make sure it is easy to adjust and that your child is comfortable wearing it.
  2. A belt: A well-chosen belt can add style and define your child's waist when wearing the suit. Opt for a belt that is in harmony with the colors and details of the outfit in general. Make sure it's properly fitted for a flawless look.
  3. Socks: These are often an overlooked but important detail. Choose quality socks that match the suit and are comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Care and maintenance of the communion suit

Once you have chosen the perfect communion suit for your child, it is important to keep it in good condition before and after the ceremony. Here are some tips to care for and keep the suit in top condition:

  1. Proper storage: Store the suit in a breathable cloth bag or cover to protect it from dust and direct sunlight. Avoid placing it in humid or poorly ventilated places.
  2. Cleaning: Always follow the manufacturer's care instructions for laundering or dry cleaning your suit. If possible, avoid washing it too frequently and opt for spot cleaning with a soft, damp cloth.
  3. Ironing: If necessary, iron the suit at a suitable temperature according to the type of fabric. Use a thin cloth between the iron and the suit to avoid damaging delicate fabrics.
  4. Repairs: Make any necessary repairs before the ceremony, such as replacing loose buttons or adjusting hems. If you don't have sewing skills, consider taking the suit to a boutique or professional tailor for impeccable results.
  5. Avoid spills and stains: During communion day, make sure your child avoids foods and drinks that can cause stains that are difficult to remove. If a spill or stain occurs, act quickly and use appropriate cleaning products to minimize damage.

Colors for your son's communion suit

The choice of color is another crucial aspect when selecting the communion suit for your child. While classic colors like pure white or ivory are timeless and flattering options for most skin tones, you can also consider other colors to add a touch of originality and personality to your ensemble.

One of the most popular colors for communion suits is navy blue . Navy blue is a sophisticated and versatile shade that adapts to different styles and preferences. It can provide a more formal and elegant look, especially in admiral suits . It pairs beautifully with white shirts and complements both fair-skinned and darker-skinned boys.

If you are looking for a fresher and lighter option , choose shades of light blue . Light blue is a soft and delicate color that conveys a feeling of tranquility and purity. It is perfect for sailor suits, as it evokes a maritime and classic image.

Apart from shades of blue, you can also consider other colors like beige . Beige is a neutral and versatile color that adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the communion set. It is an ideal option if you are looking for something different but equally sophisticated.

Remember that the choice of the color of the communion suit can also depend on the style and general theme of the ceremony. Make sure that the selected color harmonizes with the predominant colors in the decoration and details of the event.


Finding the perfect communion suit for your child is an exciting but complicated task . Whether you opt for a classic sailor or admiral suit or decide to create a bespoke custom ensemble, the most important thing is that your child feels comfortable and looks radiant on their special day.

Consider the different styles of communion suits, explore colors that complement your skin tone, and consider proper care and maintenance to keep the suit in excellent condition .

Enjoy this unique experience and make your child's first communion an unforgettable memory . Remember that, beyond the costume, the most important thing is to celebrate this special moment with your loved ones and convey to them the meaning of this sacrament.

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